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We are followers of Jesus, and we believe he came to change the world, showing us a model and a way of life. We see in the Bible that he spent almost all his time at the margins of society, with ordinary people who were suffering. He showed them dignity and shared the love of God with them. He wrestled against the power and authority of his day who sought to oppress and harass the people, speaking of justice for the poor as the way of his kingdom. He brought hope and healing to people who were struggling. He lived a life that sought to reconcile people to the Father, and he embodied that love in his actions. He still does that today, and we try and live by the example he showed us. Jesus still heals and loves, and still draws people from their suffering into joy and hope. Jesus challenged the political and religious leaders of his day and they killed him to be rid of his critique. His unjust death on the cross brought reconciliation, opening a new chapter with forgiveness for all of us, bringing us all a new start.

We run a drop in space called The Upper Room at 37a Market Place in Cirencester which is open on Monday and Friday mornings from 10am-12pm ; we listen, offer prayer for those who want it for comfort or healing, and welcome everyone with a cuppa. We eat together, journey through life together and help one another when times are tough. We love our town, and support local people and charities. We helped to set up the FoodBank in Cirencester and we offer practical support to people coming to temporary accomodation in town, and to young people at Chyp and The Croft.

We hope you find something useful or thought provoking here on this site. Thanks for sharing a part of your journey with us.

We are a registered charity, number 1095438. Our charitable objects are to show the love of Jesus and alleviate need and distress in Cirencester and elsewhere. We are a part of The Church of England, holding a Bishops Mission Order to carry out our work. We have a Council of Reference, a Bishops Visitor (Rev Canon Dr Andrew Braddock) and a board of trustees.

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A Poem about Leadership


One of our Interns, Sam (on the left), wrote this poem after reflecting on leadership, for a Leadership training course he is just starting. He wrote if for himself, but also hoped it would be “embraced by the whole of the Upper Room Community”: “To lead is to organise people. How do we know we […]

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Advent Crafts Evening


On Friday evening, some women gathered for an Advent Crafts evening to celebrate the run up to the Christmas season. Aswell as food, drink, Christmas music and decorations to make together, we thought a little about how the season might be for us, a group of predominantly single parents. It can be a tough time, […]

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Picking up smooth stones


I was reading I Samuel 17 this morning. It seems to come around to me quite often and its a passage I love, about David and his defeat of the Philistine, Goliath. This morning a number of things I hadn’t really noticed before emerged: a) David hadn’t prepared. He wasn’t expecting this encounter with the […]

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Baptism & Confirmation at a Bishops Mission Order


Last week we had the joy of seeing Bishop Rachel baptising 7 and confirming 4 people into God’s church during the summer playscheme. Here is the short liturgy we put together for the occasion. It was designed to be fit for purpose in a large setting where many people were unfamiliar; to communicate the welcome […]

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How Hard Is It?


Who did the people in the crowd who ate the loaves and fishes think Jesus was? Did the woman with the 12 years of bleeding know all the doctrine and teaching about Jesus before she sought him out? Did the disciples – the chosen ones – really ever have much clue what the Messiah was […]

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The Prophetic Words of Women


I was teaching in a Bible college in another country recently, in a diocese where women are not yet ordained. In the group I travelled with there were 4 ordained women and we all taught male students training for ministry. They were adamant that because Jesus did not explicitly include women in the 12 disciples, […]

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