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Blog about my personal view of volunteering

I have been volunteering at Scope charity shop which is
a charity for disabled people and their families. I have
been working there just over 7 months.
I enjoy working in a team and taking on responsibilities
in new roles and making customers happy.

I volunteer because I enjoy making a difference to others
also because I want to better myself and get myself
ready for a paid job. I want to find out more about
charities and how they help those in need.

The new skills i have developed: I am happy working
due to the new skills i have┬álearnt – becoming more confident with meeting
new people taking on new roles and. I never knew how
to use a till before until i started working in Scope or any
retail work. Now I have developed these skills I think I
would be great in a new place and paid work.

My hopes and dreams for the future is to get a part time
job to keep me and my daughter by, until I do an
apprenticeship at college and redo my English and Maths.
One day I’d like to work for myself and make lots of money and
move countries.

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