About Us

Hope Cirencester is run by Christian women and men living in the Cirencester area.

You can write to us at Salvation Army Hall, C/o 10 Thomas Street, Cirencester, GL7 2AX  ,or contact us via this website, using the Contact Us form, along the top line of the page.

We are a registered charity, number 1095438. Our charitable objects are to show the love of Jesus and alleviate need and distress, in Cirencester and elsewhere.

If you are able to commit to a regular monthly donation by standing order, or a one off gift to help us to continue this work please contact us via email at peter@ewart.uk.com.  Thank you

SAFEGUARDING CONTACT: Bernie Mann, Leader, 07923 989373

We believe: that Jesus came to show ( tangibly demonstrate by loving people, accepting them, healing them and setting them free from oppression; especially those who were normally excluded or on the margins), the love of God for humankind and the earth. That love was ultimately expressed in death on the cross, a death which paid the price for all the wrong things we think, say and do that separates us from God. And a love, from the Father, that ultimately raised him from the dead at the resurrection – a great depth of love which is available to all of us today. We also want to show that love.

Our beliefs can be summed up by the words of the Nicene Creed, which can be found here if you would like to check them out further: