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Blog Post from Sam, an Upper Room Intern

Blog about my personal view of volunteering: Why do I volunteer?

I started my volunteering journey around November
2017 at Cotswold Cats and Dogs furniture shop at
Cirencester. I started on the last Monday of the month, I went in
just for a trial of a couple of days to see how I would get on.

What do you enjoy?
I enjoy working as part of a team and I enjoy learning new skills.
I wanted to get more qualifications in retail.

What are your hopes and dreams?
​My hopes are to get a paid job – part time or full. My hope to get more qualifications in retail

My dreams
To own another company in the near future and to progress my portfolio.

What skills have you developed?
I learnt how to use the till and how to gift aid. I have learnt new skills i.e pricing structure,
hanging clothes, space management.

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