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Book for the start of a new year

At the end of the year and the start of a new its a good time to recommend the best book I read last year, in terms of personal help, wisdom, guidance and inspiration to keep going, but to go more thoughtfully, with more awareness, and to stay steady through the storms. There’ve been many this year; it’s been a hard year in many ways with some heartbreak and some realisations that some things aren’t changed or fixed. I’ve learned a lot about the darkness, and God’s habitation of it (which brings me to another book recommendation – I’m not finished it yet but so far magical Barbara Brown Taylor Learning to Walk in the Dark¬† )

Anyway, this book offers one page of wisdom at a time and the profundity and sheer applicability sometimes has taken my breath away.

The one that has spoken to me most of late, on the subject of living with what you can’t change but find agonising, is this:

The Path

Great Doubt

Who Am I?

Why Am I here?

What’s the point?

Why me?

How do I get out of this?


Great Faith

I’m here for a reason

I trust I can learn and grow

I trust that other people are worth the struggle

I know that every situation is workable


Great Determination

I’m willing to keep going

I choose to stay

I surrender to what is.

Amen. Wishing you a blessed and creative 2015



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