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Life is hard at present and much of it is not really material for public sharing, so I haven’t been in a place for blogging. However I recently came across a monastic guy called Roland Walls and some of his writings, (via Vol 2 of Celtic Daily Prayer) and have found them soothing and enticing to my soul, in its current battered state. I’ll share some bits of it that have brought me some glimmers of hope and energy, which of itself is a miracle. I hope these will revivify you to connect back to the risky business of living wholeheartedly, madly and passionately for Christ too.

His writing speaks to me of stripping back, a process which encompasses pain but also re-awakening and the possibility of newness and risk. This is a cycle which is life giving for me, but also agonising, painful. When I stop taking risks and feeling that edge, the creativity and sense of connectedness, oneness with the whole, begins to die a little inside me.

“As soon as you move away from the person of Christ, as soon as you move away from that divine humanity, you’re sunk in every direction. This whole business is not really about the theological perception of the church; it’s about fidelity to a person. The big problem for the 21st century is going to be the divisive force of religion and nationalism…If the gospel can’t get itself out of religion, in the sense of this imperial, triumphal, divisive stuff, then it’s not going to be faithfully preached and proclaimed. If anybody asks me what is the purpose of my life as I see it now, I would say it’s to contribute, in however small a way, to getting the gospel seen as transcendent to human religion. ” (Jan 17 Reading CDP Vol 2, p1412)

“I was always regarded as a bit of a…well, not a clown but someone who was always amusing, someone who occasionally sparked off a bit of thought…I became rather famous for being able to ‘crack’ fundamentalists. And the deans of various colleges would send me people to crack; this I did by dancing up and down on the sofa, saying how inspired the fourth redactor of the book of Amos was. Faith has to be lived – it’s not an academic exercise. ” (Jan 18 reading, CDP Vol 2, p1412)






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