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Good Friday

As God made us material, physical humans in bodies that feel pain, so Christ came and inhabited a body on earth. Today we remember that he died a bodily and a painful death in that body, for our sake, to put an ultimate end to pain and death.

From ‘Controversies’ by Adrienne Rich

The problem, unstated till now, is how

to live in a damaged body

in a world where pain is meant to be gagged

uncured    un-grieved over     The problem is

to connect, without hysteria, the pain

of any one’s body with the pain of the body’s world

For it is the body’s world

they are trying to destroy forever

The best world is the body’s world

filled with creatures    filled with dread

misshapen so     yet the best we have

our raft among the abstract worlds

and how I have longed to live on this earth

walking her boundaries   never counting the cost.

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