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This wisdom from Margaret Wheatley’s Perseverance helped me when I was flailing a little with the busyness of day to day life, feeling unwell and trying to consider and resolve some big questions. I was a bit overwhelmed and this on the practice of groundedness lead me to focus and steady and know that the answers to the big questions will unfold within me, via the gentle process of the holy spirit, if I could still myself and go gently. I’m still learning to trust this process, to see that God is found within aswell as without, in the still small voice.

“Do you know the ground you stand on? How well do you know its strengths, its pitfalls, the places that give you courage, the places where you get stuck? Do you know where to find your ground when things get bad? Do you pay it any attention when things are good?

Nobody gets through life ungrounded. But unless we know this and are conscious of the ground we stand on, we may be shocked to discover that what appeared as granite is, in fact, quicksand.

Ground has to be cultivated. We create ground by nurturing our convictions, learning from our experience, by developing trust in ourselves and our world. These cultivation activities require hard work, as an farmer would happily warn us…we have to take time to learn and reflect, stepping out of the fray to observe it periodically.

As much as  we need to cultivate ground inside ourselves, we also need to be grounded in things beyond ourselves. This can be our faith, our love, our awareness. Whatever it is that calls us outside our narrow sense of self and invites us to participate in a world far more wondrous than any person can imagine.

Knowing our ground, and knowing it well, consciously attending to it and taking good care – this is the way to withstand turbulence.

Even the most outrageous stream has a muddy bed that serves to keep it within bounds, enabling it to find its way to the sea.” (Wheatley, 2010, p135)

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