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Annual Report


Annual Report 1st March 2017-28th Feb 2019 Hope Cirencester is a registered charity governed by trust deed. Our registered charity number is 1095438. Our charitable objects are to share the love of Jesus Christ, and to alleviate need and distress in the Cirencester area. Our motivation is that we believe God loves each person and […]

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A prayer of blessing


One of our young friends wrote this prayer of blessing for me last week at our Easter celebration. My eyes may have leaked a little <3

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Easter Sunday message


Easter Sunday 2018 John’s Gospel reading today tells the story of Mary Magdalene. Mary came from Magdala, a village on the shores of lake galilee. She was one of a group of women who travelled with Jesus & the disciples and supported them. We don’t know much about her – and the fact there are […]

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The Pioneer Spectrum of Service

2-4-18 Two experienced pioneers, Tina Hodgetts and Paul Bradbury, have developed this brilliant diagram and accompanying explanation in the link above, mapping the different areas of pioneering and the nuanced types of pioneer ministry going on in different kinds of work. It’s very helpful as to the broad sweep of pioneering. Our work at The […]

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If You Are Looking for Me, Let These People Go…


Good Friday Message In John’s Gospel – read powerfully today – we see the accusers who come looking for Jesus. And he immediately responds – “here I am – I am He” I’m struck by how direct and immediate his response was. He knew his hour had come – he knew why he was there […]

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Turning around


I used this lovely poem today for the start of Lent, found on a website full of all kinds of helpful things:  I preached on the Mark passage from the lectionary on the connection between Jesus’ identity being affirmed by the Father: This is my son, the beloved. In him I am well pleased,” and […]

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We were seeds


I love this Mexican proverb below. It reminds me of the South American Liberation Theology movement which changed so many communities and still influences change makers today. It is a prophetic word that power can come from the margins. It feels to me a saying that many pioneers will understand.

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Ministry to “the poor”


I don’t really like or use if I can help it the label “the poor”. People who are lacking in material means are often rich and full in other ways, and have taught me most to what I’ve needed to know about ministry and indeed life in general. However it is at times used as […]

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Please be our Administrator!


Admin & IT Support Role at The Upper Room Introduction We are seeking a cheerful, organised, self-starting person with focus and solid office experience and strong administration & IT skills, to work part-time on Wednesdays in our Cirencester town-centre office (no company parking available), to support a small community based charity with a Christian ethos […]

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Confession & Penance


I’ve been thinking a bit about confession and penance lately. Not just because it’s coming up to Lent, but more to do with how we begin to re-order our lives after repentance of sin, in order to create new habits and patterns – amendment of life, as the liturgy refers to it. I’m from a […]

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