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Dreamers who do / Dreamers who don’t?


The title above is a phrase coined by the guru of pioneers, Jonny Baker. I reflect on it often as it speaks of the phases of pioneering for me: a) dreaming / imagining how life would be, living in the Shalom spoken of in the scriptures and seen embodied in Christ. b) seeing, naming, acknowledging […]

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Where are we now?


I haven’t blogged in a while. My marriage broke down a few years ago and its hard to regain perspective. Life is ok again now, but mainly is still day to day and based around good daily habits and practices for living well in the midst of curacy, pioneering and family life. However a few […]

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New school year


It’s that time of year again, as summer fades away to misty mornings, conkers and the start of the new academic year. Below are prayers for students and teachers. Please pray for all you know who are returning, to study or to teach, support or lead. Lord Jesus, we ask for Your help as we […]

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Liturgy of the Tip, or The Harrowing of Hell


Inspired by someone who doesn’t go to church who described the liturgy of visiting the tip (recycling centre!) on a Sunday morning. Just having moved house following a marriage break up, I am well acquainted with this liturgy and it has been a very moving experience. Queuing to get in and find a spot at […]

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Due Process


Mourning our infidelity   The article above is worth a read, by Elaine Storkey, on the Philip North / Sheffield issues. However in the comments was raised an important matter I wanted to explore so I have posted it here below. It discusses the process and the mechanics of making something work inside the church […]

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For Pioneers


This is a lovely blog post that made my heart lift a little, just for the relief of being understood for a moment. If you pioneer, you’ll probably have experienced this too.  

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Mutual flourishing?


So there has been a bit of a ding dong about the nomination of Bishop Philip North as the next Diocesan Bishop of Sheffield. I waded into it a little unwittingly yesterday after reading a blog post from Rev Sue Walmersley, (below) a priest in the Diocese of Sheffield, Sheffield Speaking Out—What Do We Want? What […]

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God answering prayer


Great piece on God answering prayer this morning on Facebook by Pete Greig. so good I’ve copied it in full here: Pete Greig 25 February at 14:05 · When Jimmy Carter was president he also ran The White House tennis rota. God, in my experience, is not like that. He refuses to micromanage the universe. […]

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HUSH this evening at the Upper Room 7.30pm-8.30pm. An hour of silence by candlelight. Come and rest, breathe and heal from the busyness and anxiety of life.

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What was good about 2016?


I know it’s been a grim year on the world stage and here in the UK. The refugee crisis, the war in Syria, the Brexit vote in the UK and the election of Donald Trump in the US possibly eclipse any other apocalyptic news cycle in my memory at least. Added to that, the deaths […]

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