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Last lament


Rough winds. Disturbing, disturbed. Earth cries out, Creation groans. Seek alternatives, Shake the status quo. Injustice, Austerity, Power to the powerful; The powerless unheard. We live in this reality. We need to know your hope. Nurture us to hopefulness. We must experience your love in rough winds to bring Seeds, flowers and flourishing, fresh, fruitful […]

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And more


I know this is driving some people crazy, either who didn’t object to the election result, or who think its time to move on and learn to live with it. Others of us are not ready for that yet and still need time to mourn and to share how we feel with God. Please feel […]

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My Lament

10-5-15 Above is a great article by some folks working on housing estates about rediscovering the Biblical practice of lament. In it they explain that lament, as an expression of pain, has been neglected by the Church today, despite the widespread reading of the Psalms which are full of lament. They ask why we’ve lost […]

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Prayer by Walter Brueggemann


This is a prayer from Walter Brueggemann’s book Prayers for a Privileged People. He is addressing an American context in which he perceives God’s people have forgotten the radical nature of the grace they have been given and begun to collude with the society around them, becoming violent and militaristic to protect its power and entitlement. […]

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Lament: An Explanation


Some Christian people are lamenting, praying and fasting today in response to the result in the General Election. Other Christian people are seeing that as an unreasonable response, others asking for all the discussion of politics to stop now, accept the result and move on. The difference between the two groups is that the former work in […]

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Theology and wounds


I'm picking up Clemens Sedmak's Doing Local Theology as often as I can at the moment, and finding something spellbinding almost every time I turn the page. He has developed a series of short theses and explains each via a few pages of profound thought about the locale we inhabit and the way in which we can uncover Christ there.

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Job Vacancy at The Upper Room


Job Description: Female Support Worker for The Upper Room What do we do & how do we do it? The Upper Room is a Drop-in service offered by the charity Hope Cirencester in the centre of the market town of Cirencester, offering support services to people who may experience mental health issues, have suffered abuse, […]

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Evangelism is one of those words that has become dirty, tainted by association with pushy folk who try and get people to pray a prayer or be damned. So much so that many parts of the church have stopped considering any kind of outreaching or helping their congregation to converse about their faith or invite […]

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Easter: taking its place, taking our place


I love Easter, truly. But I have been formed in churches that mainly speak of Easter, of the Cross, the crucifixion, and of our sin, of Christ paying the price, appeasing the wrath of God. And in recent years, and during my training for ordination, I think I have come to appreciate that Easter is […]

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Grace for second chances


I myself, and some people I have been around in various stages of crisis recently, have been reflecting in the midst of agony on second chances. Its painful...

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