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14-11-15 Great storytelling, if devastating, from the BBC using pictures of people’s hand to illustrate the stories of people made redundant from the Redcar steel works closure, and how this is impacting them. Beautiful and dignified recognition of human worth. May God bless them.    

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I gave a talk about anger around a month ago to a women’s group and it has generated a large response – mostly positive, (ironically some extremely negative and angry!). In the talk, we discussed how we had been encouraged to deal with anger as children, and how girls and women are often discouraged from […]

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There is so much change in life at present, it’s hard to compute or even keep up. The sense of conscious incompetence is almost overwhelming. It’s tiring! Trying to hold onto the timeless, changeless stability of God, whilst looking for glimpses of him at work in the newness is interesting! Some of Walter Brueggemann’s poems […]

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What does it mean to be God’s people?


YEsterday a lot of trainee Baptist ministers came to visit the Upper Room from a residential week where they were focusing on pioneering and new forms of church. We talked about what the scripture says about being God’s people and how what we know we are doing represents God and his priorities, what are the […]

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Sunken Ship?


This article below was originally posted on Threads, a site for blogs and conversation on church and mission run by the Evangelical Alliance. It was pulled – as Liz Clutterbuck explains here but I think it is important so I’ve posted it in full below. If you are involved in or interested in the […]

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Good summary

30-8-15 The above article is a great summary of Anglican theology of mission. Very helpful. We would perhaps like to see the loosening of structures be more widespread and uniformly understood to be necessary for sure, but we are blessed that these things are taking place within the Diocese of Gloucester and here in Cirencester. […]

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The Kingdom and the city


Of late I’ve noticed again what I call “the march of the misfits” – people being drawn into the church from a long way off, who are beaten up and hurt by life, and whom God starts to restore and send out to do his work of restoration with others who are far off. I […]

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I’m off in a minute to my pre-ordination retreat. Hilarious really, as its always been the thing I have entirely ruled out and didn’t believe in. But here I am. This is the kind of thing that can happen when you make one of those mad promises to God – “Here I am, send me”, […]

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Let me out!


For the last 12 months, I’ve been reading and writing for a dissertation, along with spending an amount of time in church and theological college settings preparing for ordination. I have contracted cabin fever and was becoming desperately concerned that I’d forgotten how to connect with people, and that by the time I’m allowed back […]

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As I’m up to my neck in theology ¬†books and writing for a dissertation, I’ve gone off reading much devotionally at present. But I’ve discovered that poetry is able to move and inspire me repeatedly and so have been looking for more. I came across this by Padraig O Tuama and it’s probably the best […]

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