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Lord I pray for our country, so divided, our ties to one another broken by consumerism and competitiveness. Help us to reimagine community and our common life, so that all are included, seen and heard. Please raise up politicians, community workers, ministers who are willing to listen, to act with integrity and to build bridges so we can live in a place where all have dignity and purpose. Enliven your church to play its part. Amen



Jesus you spent time with people who were excluded from society because of their mental ill health. Please help those who are struggling with mental health now, especially so many young people waiting for help and support. Please sustain them, heal them and help them find peace. Bless all who work in young people's mental health services, Camhs, GP's and counsellors. Amen.


Universal Credit

Lord I pray for everyone who is being changed over to UC at the present time. Please help the change to be made quickly and bless them with support and means while the change happens. Please would the government act justly towards those who can't work for whatever reason. Amen


Teachers & students

Lord we pray for everyone receiving exam results, especially those to whom next steps depend on particular measures of achievement. Please bless and guide everyone who is working out plans for their future - lead them to the right place. We pray for all teachers and support staff, preparing for the start of the new academic year and thank you for their dedication and vocation. Give them hope, imagination, resilience and stamina to support all the students in their care. Praying especially for schools in difficult areas, for protection for all students & staff, and for blessing and hope to permeate the hearts of all. Amen



Please pray that I get put into right job and that I can have time off. Thank You




Please pray that work increases and poles and product come in. Thank you




Lord I pray for Michael England, who died tragically and in despair. Please receive him and teach him of your love. Amen xx


For teachers

Lord thank you for those with the gift of teaching. Please bless them as they go back after the holidays. I pray your sustaining, your energy, your protection and your blessing on all teachers, assistants, head teachers and all who offer pastoral care in schools. Amen


For parents

I pray for all parents getting their children ready for going back to school, sorting uniform & all the kit they need. Especially for those who are struggling to afford it. Prayers for anyone with a child who is fearful or really dislikes school. For all with their youngest starting school for the first time, and for all who have a child leaving home for the first time. Please give them Your peace, steady them and their children, help them trust in your care. Hold us as parents as we go through these changes to the patterns of our family life. Thank you that we know you understand our fears and struggles as parents. Amen.  



  Lord please help and comfort those supporting others approaching the end of life with terminal illness. Help them with their own grief and pain. Be with all those who are sick and afraid, please bring them peace.


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