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Lord please comfort all who mourn the loss of thousands killed by Boko Haram. Help us not to forget these lives because people killed in Paris are closer to us. And please open the doors and set the Chibok girls free Lord Amen


Glasgow heartache

Lord, let your love and comfort break though to those who now mourn over Christmas and for who knows how long, because of their terrible loss due to a freak, random accident. I cannot begin to imagine how they must be feeling. God be with them. Amen



Loss of children

Lord, it's hard to know what to pray about the devastating massacre of the school children in Pakistan, & the murder of 8 children in Cairns, Australia. It reminds me that your son was unjustly murdered too. Lord have mercy. Comfort those who mourn with your great love. Xxx


Christmas alone

Lord I pray you would draw near to all young care leavers who will be spending Christmas alone, perhaps in b&bs and other temporary accommodation. Bring them comfort and peace and the knowledge they are precious and valuable to you. Uphold them, & move the govt to act justly towards care leavers. Amen


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