Upper Room

The Upper Room opened in Cirencester in 2008 for people to come to who want some support, friendship and belonging. In the Room, people can find welcome and rest, and have a cup of tea and and a chat, and prayer if they like. We try and be honest and open with one another in our relationships and believe everyone is equally important and special before God.

We have seen some amazing answers to prayer, from the mundane to the miraculous. For example, one mum asked that her son would be given a place at Beavers so he could make friends locally, we prayed and the child was offered a place right away. Another lady was healed from tinnitus in her ears.

We believe God wants us to act to become the answer to our own prayers too, so we get involved in social justice issues like homelessness and advocacy, and helping to set up a Foodbank for hungry people. God answers prayers small and great alike and always notices the needs of the ‘little’ people, those who are powerless or oppressed.

Pay us a visit. The opening times are on the calendar, but in the main we are open on Mondays and Fridays 9.30am – 12pm in term time, plus we meet on Sunday at 5.30pm to pray and learn from the Bible together. Once a month we get together for a meal, plus other occasional events and trips out.

Find us at: Salvation Army Hall, 10 Thomas Street, Cirencester, GL7 2AX.