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Let me out!

For the last 12 months, I’ve been reading and writing for a dissertation, along with spending an amount of time in church and theological college settings preparing for ordination. I have contracted cabin fever and was becoming desperately concerned that I’d forgotten how to connect with people, and that by the time I’m allowed back out onto the streets I’d have become institutionalised. ┬áPanic sets in when I think about that, because my calling is to people on the outside of church.

In the last few weeks, there have been few moments when I’ve escaped my books but in those cracks have been some stellar encounters and conversations that convince me again that God is alive and well and at work on the outside of church, and that if given half a chance people will try to connect with him. I met 3 cab drivers and had very deep and personal conversations with each that opened up deep desire for connection with the Divine; last night I met three homeless men and had an illuminating and surreal conversation with them, then today I went to the Foodbank and talked with three women who are eager to have their children baptised at a forthcoming playscheme. The Holy Spirit is drawing people to the Father, as was ever thus. If no-one goes outside the walls of church to make the connections, how will people understand what the stirring in their soul is all about? Let me out of this room full of books and back out there!

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