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North / South divide?

I came across this in my daily reading today, from Celtic Daily Prayer, and it really spoke to me – as a Northern girl living in the South, and as a person with a messy past that has been and is being redeemed by God, who walks with others with struggles and shame. We do bring a challenge in what we do, and many people simply cannot get the challenge that the poor in spirit bring. Here it is:

An extract from ‘What Mean These Stones?’

Hear this you lands of the South, who hold many in captivity by your empty words
and well worn myths,
Who neglect to see justice for the poor, the widow, the fatherless.

Look to the North – for lo, your Redeemer comes,
Clothed in the poverty of the few
Who dare to speak his name, without vanity, in a whisper,
Lest the earth should tremble
Holy, holy, holy is the Lord.

Poor of Yahweh arise,
Take up the ancient mantle
Which has awaited your day;
Clothe yourself within its humility,
For you have been set as a stumbling block for many.

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