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As I’m up to my neck in theology  books and writing for a dissertation, I’ve gone off reading much devotionally at present. But I’ve discovered that poetry is able to move and inspire me repeatedly and so have been looking for more. I came across this by Padraig O Tuama and it’s probably the best thing I’ve read in years. I was mesmerised and couldn’t put it down, at times laughing and at times crying and wailing. I think it taps into our postmodern mindset, teetering on the edge of despair whilst fighting to make things better. Heartily recommended. Here he is reading one of my favourites, Narrative Theology #2:

It’s impossible to pick a favourite but here are a few verses (not the whole poem) of one that speaks clearly and feels like liturgy to me.


I once was blind but now I can see

I once was him but now I’m me

I once was cold but now I’m not

I used to fear hell, where the fire is hot.

I wanted to be straight,

but the thing is I’m queer.

I thought I belonged there,

but I belong here…


I fell into meaninglessness,

I fell into sin,

I fell into darkness and I felt caged in,

I fell into the arms of something that was lurking,

in the corner,

in the shadows and its been slowly converting

my methods and madness

into myth and new meaning,

my sagas and sadness given birth

and given grieving…


I once was blind

now I’m blinder still

and inside my own nightmare

I am silent and still.



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