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Compassionate God, we bring before you our many selves; our dissociative self,

separated into many selves.

Traumatised, lonely and very afraid.

Our cowering in the corner selves,

Our wielding an axe for protection selves.

Our broken and childlike selves.

We beseech you for comfort, healing and integration.

You, the God who sees our real self and is our safe harbour.

Kind God, we ask for wise and safe guides to help us see and uncover our damage

And help us grow up in safety, into who You made us to be,

Even if at this point we have no idea who that may be.

Integrating God, we pray for self awareness and restoration.

Help us identify our triggers and to notice our hypersensitive habits.

We thank you for our protective instincts and their role in our survival.

We pray our bodies would release their secrets and memories, that keep us trapped in the past.


For those who have split into multiple personalities, we pray that you would love and keep safe all their self-expressions and gather them all into your family.

Bless and keep safe their inner being until all are reunited in one true Created identity as a child of the Most High.

Give them courage and boldness to seek out their real self.

Let them play and skip, and be made whole.


For those whose lens has become distorted by the fears of the past,

Let our terrors subside and their eyesight be adjusted to the bright light of the present now.

Give us wisdom and discernment and your blessing of living in the now with You,

Submitting our vulnerabilities to you as wounds that may one day be used by the Healer to soothe the stripes of others.


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