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Prayers for orphans

These were the prayers from yesterday’s communion service, in response to the needs

in community and the passage which was the lectionary passage from Hosea.

Prayers for Friday

Father God, you love us and call us by name, as your children.
Help us when we struggle to stand before you;
When we want to hide because of shame or fear;
When we don’t know how to cope with hurt, pain, rejection or humiliation;
When relationships have broken down or domestic violence has brought terror;
Rescue us, and teach us to know your love, to feel it and learn to live fully in its warmth;
Heal us and help us to learn to show kindness and acceptance to ourselves and others;
Help us find peace and rest in you, and be able to stop running away from home. silence

Father God, we ask you to help all those who are struggling. We take a moment to be silent and remember in our hearts those we know who need God’s love today…
For those who are struggling to keep their families together, we pray.
For those who are struggling with ill health in body or mind, we pray.
For those who are struggling to keep body and soul together, to simply pay bills and buy food, we pray.
For those who are dealing with the stress of debt, of bailiffs or eviction, we pray.
For those who have no-one to love them, and for all those who have lost a loved one, we pray. silence

Father God, we pray for your church.
Help it to proclaim your love and show your mercy and kindness to those who suffer.
Bless all who work and minister in your church, that they may work from a place of deep acceptance of your love and know their identity is found in you.


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