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I often get asked for book recommendations for pioneering / mission. Here is a list of the best books I’ve read that have been significant on my journey – either helping me to develop my thinking, explore what I’m seeing happen on the ground, material to use at The Upper Room or to use to give talks. Hope something here is useful for others on the road.


The Irresistible Revolution                              Shane Claiborne

Red Moon Rising                                             Pete Grieg

Refounding the Church                                   Gerald Arbuckle

A Generous Orthodoxy                                   Brian McLaren

Exiles                                                               Michael Frost

The Hospitality of God                                    Michael Perham



The Sky is Red                                                 Ken Leech

Everyday Apocalypse                                      David Dark

Redescribing Reality                                       Walter Brueggemann



Friendship at the Margins                              Heuertz & Pohl

Local Theology                                                C Sedmak

Practising the Way of Jesus                            M Scandrette

Free                                                                 M Scandrette

Transforming Mission                                     David Bosch



Stepping into Grace                                        Paul Bradbury

Ancient Faith: Future Mission series              edited by Graham Cray / Ian Mobsby

Pioneering Spirituality                                                ed Cathy Ross / Jonny Baker

The Pioneer Gift                                              “   “                       “     “

Mass Culture                                                   ed Pete Ward



The Poverty and Justice Bible                         Bible Society

Introducing Practical Theology                       Pete Ward

A Theology of Place                                        John Inge

Being Christian                                               Rowan Williams

Lost Icons                                                        “     “

Silence and Honey Cakes                                “     “

A Theology of Food                                         Angel Mendez-Montoya



Being church, doing life                                  Mike Moynagh

Church in Life: Innovation, Mission and Ecclesiology  “   “



Prayers for a Privileged People                      Walter Brueggueman

Liturgy of the Ordinary                                   Warren

Readings from the Book of Exile                    P O’Tuama

Iona Abbey Worship Book                               Iona Community

Touching he Sacred                                        Chris Thorpe

A Spirituality of the Road                                D Bosch


Personal Development

Let your Life Speak                                         Parker Palmer

Listening to your Life                                      Julia Mourant

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