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Saying Thank you

I don’t know what it is about Advent but it always nudges me towards thankfulness, to reviewing the year and remembering those who blessed and supported me. It’s been quite a year, what with a marriage break up, house move and priesting, and I am so aware that God has been present to me through other people who’ve been kind, supportive, holding and prayerful. The monastic community I visit regularly, Mucknell Abbey in Worcestershire, have been a really important stabilising community for me too. I wrote this poem to thank them. Who has been in your corner this year?

You Have Been For Me

You have been for me

Driftwood, to cling to

in the tsunami


You have been for me

A lifeboat, searching out

And rescuing a lost soul


You have been for me

A lighthouse, shining hope

Of a homeland on a distant shore


You have been for me

An anchor, limiting the drift

Borne by the dragging current


You have been for me

The love of the Father, relentless

And fierce as the ocean

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