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  1. PI’m pondering the stories of Jesus on the lake many times in the Gospeks. He’s on the water in a boat crossing to the other side or sleeping during a storm, walking on the water, appearing on the beach to the disciples.

This is fascinating to me, as water is such a representation of danger and evil in the Old Testament. Water is to be feared in an ancient near eastern culture – the unpredictability and the force of water are greatly to be feared. In the first verse of Genesis, the creation story, we are told that the Spirit hovered over the surface of the deep – the Spirit was present and powerfully over the force of danger, in control.

The metaphors of Jesus around water, master of it, are important because they are part of the narrative that helps us understand that Jesus is God. Jesus is in control of the forces of nature around him – and of the forces of evil and danger. When the storm blows up in the boat, Jesus sleeps. He is utterly untroubled by the possible danger and when woken, speaks to the water and wind and they comply.

Jesus, be present in my storms. Those on the water and those in a teacup. Still the raging wind in me, help me to sleep alongside you when all is unraveling and darkness seems to close in, for you are GodAmen.


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