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Time out

I’ve just come back from a week away. Sometimes holidays are busier than the rest of the year, and yet time to reflect and ponder are so necessary – to creativity, to survival and for wellbeing and flourishing. In stepping back from the coal face, we are able to find a new perspective and see what to do – time away from problems is actually a really necessary part of the brain’s way of creatively resolving problems and in mentoring training is called ‘problem free time’.

It’s part of the reason we drink tea and chat with people at the Upper Room, in order to enable them to have some problem free time. And it’s also why we eat together and go on trips out. To enable people to get out of their stressful environment and  get a breather, forget about it all and have some fun. This has an effect on how we handle what is waiting for us when we do come back, hopefully better able to see what to do and better resourced to cope.  That seems a gift of God and of the Kingdom.

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