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What Nature Said to me

We were encouraged to write psalms or poems during the weekend at Forest Church and I wrote this after a walk in the hills

What Nature Said To Me

Join in with this flow;
You belong.
We are made of the same elements, by the same Creator.
We belong to the same order of being;
the same rules apply.
Let us use our respective agency to join with the flow of emergence,
To respect our evolutions and live within boundary.
To take time to wander, to taste and to see,
To receive our healing from the goodness all around.
Drawn into the cycle and wonder of love.
As it wends its way through rock and earth,
through trickling river beds and over slate, sliced and fractured.
Carbon, made with beating heart.
Perhaps you have strayed a long way from home?

A human is a privileged being,
entered into by Christ in body and soul.
How then shall we live, with respect to the tree or hill that he also inhabited,
but that we, with dull eyes, are not able to see?

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